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Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: May 3, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement
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Brief Explanation

What Was Wrong With This Customer's Garage Door?

We helped a local customer in Peachtree City with an issue that they were experiencing with their garage door.

Turned out that their torsion spring had broken and thus rendered their garage door opener completely useless.

The customer mentioned to us that they had rarely, if ever, had a garage door maintenance conducted. Unsurprisingly, this was the result.

Once we took off the old tension spring, we quickly replaced it with a similar one that had the same amount of tension yet was a little bit longer than the original one.

After the replacement was completed, we then wound the spring to up to the proper tension and called it a day.

Overall, our customer was extremely satisfied with their service and mentioned that they'd be quick to contact us if they ever needed any more help with their garage.

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Peachtree City, GA
Client Testimonial
I recently had my garage door repaired. After talking with numerous garage door repair companies I chose to use Mr.Garage Door Peachtree City. The service man who came out was Jayme. Mr. Garage told me what time to expect him and he was right on… ~ Jimmy Hill - Peachtree City, GA

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1. What If You Just Bought A New Spring Online?


Yes, if you already purchased a replacement spring online and have it on hand, we'll be able to conduct the replacement procedure for you.

However, it doesn't make sense to buy one online if you already haven't done so.

For starters, our prices tend to be about the same as what you would pay for online.

Additionally, there are many different sizes and strengths of springs so when it comes to making sure that you have the correct one for your garage door's needs is pivotal.

And finally, all of our garage door springs come with a 2- Year Warranty, so if they fail at any point during that time, you'll be covered.

2. Are There Differing Qualities For Different Springs?


As with most products on the market, there is a definite difference in quality between various types of springs.

We make sure that all of our spring replacements are made from quality metals and are always built with precision in mind. Lower quality springs don't last as long and ultimately cost more to replace, both in time and energy.

Furthermore, the wrong spring tension can actually cause them to break even faster if the incorrect one is chosen.

On the other hand, an overly tightened spring will break sooner and will not let your garage door open or close properly.

There is a specific tension that needs to be set on the springs, and over tightened them can be just as worse as using the wrong type.

Garage door springs are always under a lot of tension and if they break and pieces go flying about, an injury could likely occur.

We're professionals at choosing, replacing, and tightening the right tension springs for you so you can rest easy knowing that

3. Is It Safe To Delay Spring Replacements?


No garage door on the market is fully functional forever, and even the most robust designs and materials will eventually wear out at some point. Especially springs.

Once your spring has or is close to failing, there are two options presented: Procrastination, or Resolution.

Procrastination - Putting off a much-needed garage door spring repair wears a mask of convenience by saving one's time and energy, but in reality, this could lead to a most unfortunate event or situation.

Especially in a situation where people are constantly coming and going through your garage door, having the potential of a spring bust and even causing your door to fall could result in serious injury, if not worse.

Resolution - Be it a maintenance here or an adjustment there, garage door springs need to be cared for and looked after like any other appliance or tool.

By choosing to address the problem directly and resolve it sooner versus later, this provides a peace of mind for all those who continuously move underneath these metal gatekeepers.

4. Can Bad Springs Cause Garage Door Issues?


Spring tension is easy to overlook when it comes to garage doors, but it often tends to be the cause of most hiccups that occur.

If your spring needs to be rewound or tightened back to its original state, we're more than able to take care of that for you.

And if there are any further calibrations or alignments that need to occur, we'll take care of those during the repair process as well.

5. What If Only 1 Of 2 Springs Breaks?


It is highly recommended that you replace both springs even if only one has broken.

Both springs tend to be the same age and, typically, if you only replace the broken one at the time that it breaks, then the other spring usually isn't too far behind in break as well (usually within the few following weeks or so).

It will save you much needed time, money and energy by simply replacing both springs even if just one breaks initially.

6. Can We Upgrade You To Stronger Springs?


Yes, we can, but bigger isn't always better.

If you personally purchase a spring that is too strong then it becomes dangerous and it may not let your door close properly.

If you are interested in a stronger spring, then we'd love to lay out some options for you one-on-one and guide you on the right path without putting you in harm's way.