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We have received 16 Reviews, Averaging 4.94 Stars!

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Is Your Garage Door Broken?

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A Broken Garage Door

Can Leave Your Vehicles Stuck, Or Fall And Damage Them!

We Can Repair Or Replace Your Broken Or Worn Garage Door!

How Soon Can You Fix My Door

We are very efficient and quick in our Garage Door Repairs.

With one call you could be talking directly to the owner(Justin Davis) your garage door expert.

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What Should I Expect?

We want you to imagine opening your garage door and listing to the quite hum of the motor as your door smoothly opens.

We are experts in Garage Door Repair and excel in customer service.

What Makes Us The Experts?

Justin has been trained by and worked for one of the largest garage door companies for the past 6 years!

That is where he got his skills, but that company lacked the customer service that he wanted his customers to receive

Jayme treats every customer completely fair and honest, the way he would want to be treated.

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What Are The Benefits Of Davis Garage Door

1. We Install Higher Quality Parts That Last Longer

2. We Are Very Competitively Priced

3. You Get A Clear Explanation Of The Repair And Invoice

4. We Have A Large Variety Of Doors, Openers And Remotes

5. We Answer Our Phones

6. We Are Very Respectful Of Your And Your Property

Recent Jobs

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Job Details

Location of Job: Newnan
When: Aug 25, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Garage Door Replaced, Garage Door Track Replaced
Brief Explanation

Wooden Garage Doors are great, until they get old. Then they start to fall apart. They are also very heavy and dangerous if your garage door is not opening properly.

We were contacted by this customer when they had noticed that the wooden panels on the doors were rotted and falling apart. They have 2 single car garage doors and knew both of them would need to be replaced.

I set up an appointment to meet with them and upon arriving I was able to inspect the doors and sure enough there was no salvaging these doors. They had lasted as long as they were going to. I pulled out my catalog with all the different garage door options, styles and colors. It didn't take long for this customer to decide on a door that they liked and felt would match the house as well as spruce up the look. You can see in the pictures that the door is a lot more decorative than the standard wood panel doors that they had previously. Even though this door was a much nicer door with decorative hinges and glass, our customer was surprised at how affordable it was. We explained that we are able to offer great products on our prices because we don't mark them up like the big retail stores do. We can typically offer better pricing if you buy directly through us than you could if you were to buy the parts on your own.

After they had picked out the doors they wanted, I called the warehouse to verify they had the doors in stock. I set up an appointment to install the doors the following day.

I picked up the doors and inspected them the same day to make sure there were no issues or defects in the doors.

The next day I showed up and they had actually cleared the garage space for me so I was able to get right to work. The removal of the old doors and installation of the new doors went very smooth.

Another benefit of buying the Garage Doors directly from us is that the new doors come with new tracks. We removed all the old tracks and installed the new tracks. We wanted these new doors to work seamlessly for many years to come.

After a several hours both doors were installed and opening and closing smoothly and quietly. These doors are made of aluminum which is lighter and quieter than the old wood paneled doors.

The funnest part of the job was seeing the look on our customers faces as they came outside and saw the door for themselves. Up until now they had only seen pictures of the doors and had to imagine what it looked like on their house. They were very happy to see how good it turned out. The new doors really helped add to the curb appeal of the house.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Fayetteville, GA
When: Sep 2, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced The Garage Door, Springs And Track
Brief Explanation

Exceeding customers expectations is one of my favorite things to do.

When Mr. and Mrs. Newsam contacted me I could sense a little bit of urgency in their voices. After a minute of talking on the phone I could understand why. Their sons wedding rehearsal was one week away and at their house!

Their concern was valid. Having a group of people at their house going in and out of a garage door that is 30 years old, worn out and dangerous should make anyone nervous.

They also informed me that this garage door was not your standard 2 car garage door. It was "extra-wide".

I was able to make it to their house pretty quick, measured the door and showed them all the different options of door styles and colors. They found a beautiful carriage style Door and a color that matched their house perfectly.

I was able to pick up the garage door the next day. The install went flawlessly. When we were done the customer received a new Garage Door, Springs and Tracks. The door opens smoothly and quietly.

The best part of the job we seeing the customers faces when the came out for the first time and saw their beautiful carriage style garage door. After they opened and closed the door several times listening to the quiet hum of the motor as the door glided smoothly up and down the track and seeing look on their faces I knew they were happy.

Their fears of a closing deadline with a dangerous, extra-wide garage door were now in the past. We were so grateful we were able to help out!

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City
When: Sep 9, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Replaced Garage Door, Springs and Track
Brief Explanation

One of our previous customers called us up to come look at one of her rental properties that had a "broken garage door". As soon as we pulled up we could definitely see the problem. The lower garage door panel was completely broken.

Our main concern with a broken door is safety. These old wooden doors are HEAVY! We have seen door fall of the tracks before and usually damages whatever it hits. Needless to say our customer wanted this fixed asap.

One thing we do to make sure we are efficient is to do an analysis of the entire system. After a thorough inspection of the system we found that the Garage Door Opener was just fine. What needed to be replaced was the: Garage Door, Garage Door Springs, & Garage Door Track.

Now was the time to pick a new door. We spent time with her discussing the different garage door styles and materials as well as the different color options. This being a rental property, it didn't take her long to pick a garage door that was in stock at our supplier.

We finalized the estimate and left it with our customer. The next morning we received a call telling us to go ahead and fix the door. We were able to get all the parts that morning and finished the installation of the new door, springs and track that afternoon. It was another smooth install and happy customer. She was very pleased with the new door and the way it added to the curb appeal.

Recent Reviews


Tom Boyle

Senoia, GA

Date: Jan 18, 2017
Quality of the work was excellent. Good Guy, give him a shot....

"Excellent Quality Of Work In Senoia"

Jameka Mikell

Senoia, GA

Date: Jan 18, 2017
We had a great experience! In a single call, I was able to connect with the owner and he arrived the next day. The repair was done in a timely manner and he even gave me a few tips to maintain our door/rollers on a periodic basis.

"A Single Call Got My Garage Door Fixed!"

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How Much Will A New Garage Door Cost?

With the number of different garage door styles and colors it is not practical to list the prices online. Rest assured, we do have very competitive pricing. In fact our prices are better then what you would find at the big box retailers (we won't mention any names, but we all know who they are).

To give you a comparison, If you were to buy a door for $x from Home Supply Store, and you compared that same door from me. That same style door would cost you the same but it would be a much higher quality door made of better material and components. Our door will out last and out perform their doors.

These box stores buy lower quality doors and mark their prices up to try to compete against our doors. There is no competition though, as our doors are very similarly priced and our quality is far above theirs.

If you want to discuss pricing further, just call in and speak with Justin. He will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

Waiting To Fix A Worn Out Garage Door

Could Cause Harm To A Person Or Your Property!

Why Should You Get Your Garage Door Through Me?

We want you to make a decision that is ultimately best for you!

With the internet as prevalent as it is today, we can learn just about anything we want to online. If you wanted to spend the time you could learn all about garage doors and their associated components. I'm sure with a little bit of time and research you would be able to figure out which doors are quality and which ones to stay away from.

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. The convenience of being able to shop from home and have your purchases shipped directly to your door is pretty dang amazing. You can buy just about anything you want from amazon, even garage doors.

So What Is The Advantage Of Buying From Us?

  1. Even though you may have done the research, are you really getting a garage door that is the best for your application? Our real world experience lets us help you choose a door that is best suited for your needs.
  2. You get a better warranty when you buy directly through us. Most doors you buy online do come with a warranty, but if you ever have to use it, you(the home owner) will have to process the warranty against the manufacturer. If you ever have a warranty situation with the door you buy through us, we handle the warranty completely for you.
  3. We make sure the fit is perfect. We know exactly where and how to pull measurements for your new door so that it will fit and function perfectly. If you are not skilled with a tape measure, please call us first before a door is ordered that will not fit properly. Doors are expensive and we don't want you spending any more money than you have to.
  4. Our pricing on door is very competitive. You probably aren't going to save very much money, if any, by buying the door on your own.

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