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Garage Door Replacement In Peachtree City

Garage Door Replacement
Peachtree City, GA

We have received 16 Reviews, Averaging 4.94 Stars!

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We Are Honest, Affordable, And Use High Quality Doors That Last

Why Are You Needing Your Garage Door Replaced?

  • Someone Hit It
  • It Is Old
  • It Is Wood And I Want An Aluminum One
  • New Construction House
  • It Is Having Problems Going Up And Down
  • I Want An Updated Look

Old Garage Doors

Are Heavy And Can Be Dangerous

We Have Quality Garage Doors At Affordable Prices

How Easy Are You To Work With?

I have been in the garage door business for over 12 years and have learned how to make this process simple and easy.

In one call you can be talking directly to Justin aka Davis Garage Door.

I will help you as much as I can over the phone then set up an appointment to give you a free estimate.


What Should I Expect When I Hire You?

Imagine working with a contractor who does what he says he is going to do!

I show up on time, let you pick the product you want, and do a quality install in a reasonable time frame.

Read my reviews to find out how my customers like my service.

What Makes Us Experts At Garage Door Replacement?

Justin has been installing and repairing garage doors for over 12 years.

He Started Davis Garage Door because customer were not being treated the way he thought you should treated.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Davis Garage Door?

1. We Are A Local Company

2. We Use High Quality Products

3. We Charge Fair Prices

4. We Don't Nickel And Dime Our Customers

5. We Warranty Our Work

6. We Never Sell A Service That Is Not Needed

Recent Jobs

Recent Reviews

Tom Boyle

Senoia, GA

Date: Jan 18, 2017
Quality of the work was excellent. Good Guy, give him a shot....

"Excellent Quality Of Work In Senoia"

Jameka Mikell

Senoia, GA

Date: Jan 18, 2017
We had a great experience! In a single call, I was able to connect with the owner and he arrived the next day. The repair was done in a timely manner and he even gave me a few tips to maintain our door/rollers on a periodic basis.

"A Single Call Got My Garage Door Fixed!"

James Aldridge

Sharpsburg, GA

Date: Jan 17, 2017
Excellent Customer Service!! They REPLACED 2 Door Springs on my garage door in about 30minutes:)) Call them!!!

"Super Fast Garage Door Repair In Sharpsburg GA"

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How Much Will It Cost To Replace My Garage Door?

The cost to replace a garage door can vary depending on the size of the door, the style of the new door, and the manufacturer of the door. Even the paint color can change the price.

It is hard to give an accurate price over the phone, and it is best to show you the different options so as to give you a firm estimate. In spite of this we do offer very affordable prices. In fact you can typically spend the same amount for a garage door with us as you would with a big box store, but our door will be a much better quality door that will last longer. We don't believe in installing low quality parts that you will have to replace sooner.
If you are looking for a budget garage door call us to see what we have that will work in your budget.

Our Schedule Fills Up Fast

Don't Be Stuck With A Garage Door That Wont Work

Why Is Davis Garage Door The Logical Choice?

We know there is lots of competition out there and we want to make the decision to choose us as easy as possible. There are 2 main ke factors that we promise to you.


We Promise to use quality parts at an affordable price (as stated above).


We Promise that we will only do the necessary repairs needed on your garage door. That is the main reason why Justin left the Garage Door Repair company he previously work for. They would push their technicians to get higher sales and this led to customers getting sold services they did not need or prices of services to be higher than they should be.

We believe in taking care of our customers and having them be so happy that they will tell their friends about us and use us again.

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Davis Garage Door

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Our new garage doors come with new tracks. Some companies throw these away to save time on the install and re-use your old tracks.
We want your door to last as long as possible so we new tracks with the garage doors.


1. Can I Replace A Wooden Door With A Metal One?


Yes! In fact that is primarily what we do.

2. Can I Still Get A Wooden Door?


Yes, they are still available. Call me so I can show you the full catalog.

3. How Long Does It Take To Replace A Garage Door?


It depends on the size but I have never had a garage door take me more than a day to replace, unless there were unforeseen problems.

4. Do You Have The Garage Doors In Stock?


I purchase the Garage Doors from a supplier. They usually have a good supply in stock of the more common doors. If you want a rare door it may take about a week to order in.