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We Are Experts In Replacing Garage Door Springs

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We have received 16 Reviews, Averaging 4.94 Stars!

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With Years Of Experience We Can Quickly And Efficiently Replace Your Broken Springs

Is Your Garage Door Stuck Closed Because Of A Broken Spring?

  • Yes! I Heard A Loud Bang And Now It Won't Open
  • Yes! My Cars Are Stuck In The Garage
  • Yes! I Need To Be Able To Get In & Out Of My Garage
  • Yes! And I Can't Even Lift The Door By Hand
  • No! The Spring Is Broken But I Can Still Open The Door
  • I Don't Know But The Door Stopped Working

Without The Assist Of The Garage Door Spring

A Garage Door Is Heavy And Dangerous To Operate By Hand

We Can Quickly Replace Broken Springs!

How Soon Can I Use My Garage Again?

We can replace most springs in less than 30 minutes!

We carry most springs on our trucks so that we can asses the problem and replace the springs in the same visit.


What Should I Expect?

Imagine your garage door working like it is new again.

In most cases we can show up on time, asses the problem, give you a quote, and be done in less than 30 minutes.

You won't need to waste a whole day waiting for the garage door to be fixed.

What Makes Us The Experts?

With the right tools and the experience Garage Door Springs aren't all that hard to replaced.

What makes us the experts is our ethics and integrity.

With us you will only get what you need. We won't try to up-sell you just to raise the price.

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What Are The Benefits Of Davis Garage Door

1. We Are A Company With Years Of Experience

2. We Give You A Clear Understanding Of What You Need

3. Our Business Ethics Are Held To The Highest Standards

4. We Show Up On Time

5. We Use High Quality Parts

6. We Treat Every Customer With Respect

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Recent Reviews

Tom Boyle

Senoia, GA

Date: Jan 18, 2017
Quality of the work was excellent. Good Guy, give him a shot....

"Excellent Quality Of Work In Senoia"

Jameka Mikell

Senoia, GA

Date: Jan 18, 2017
We had a great experience! In a single call, I was able to connect with the owner and he arrived the next day. The repair was done in a timely manner and he even gave me a few tips to maintain our door/rollers on a periodic basis.

"A Single Call Got My Garage Door Fixed!"

James Aldridge

Sharpsburg, GA

Date: Jan 17, 2017
Excellent Customer Service!! They REPLACED 2 Door Springs on my garage door in about 30minutes:)) Call them!!!

"Super Fast Garage Door Repair In Sharpsburg GA"

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Do You Have A Specialty Or Customer Garage Door?

No Problem, We Can Get The Right Spring For Your Door.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Spring?

It is hard to list a price online with all the different options and styles of Garage Doors. The heavier doors require a higher tension spring than the lighter doors. Wooden Door take different springs than metal doors. Different size door require different springs.

Can You Give Me A Ballpark?

Yes, your typical standard spring replacement usually costs between $225 to $500. If you want a more exact quote please call Justin. He would be happy to discuss the details of your garage door and give you the best quote he can over the phone.

The Longer You Wait To Call

The Longer Your Garage Will Be Out Of Commission

Why Does A Garage Door Need A Spring?

Garage Doors are big and heavy. The weight alone is too much for the opener motor and the track without help. Garage Door Springs mount to the header and give much needed support to the opener and the track.

If your garage door was just laying on the ground, could you imagine picking up something that big or heavy? The best way for a garage door to last a long time with smooth quiet operation is with the help of a spring.

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My Spring Is Broken, My Garage Door Is Closed, And I Am Worried About My Vehicles Stuck In The Garage Getting Damaged During The Repair

We at Davis Garage Door understand your concern, but you don't need to worry. We are very good at what we do. The first thing we will do before we start the repair is open your garage door and move your vehicles or belongings out. Even though your door is stuck, we know how to safely open it so that we can clear the contents necessary to do the repair. There is no need to worry about your property being damaged.


1. If I Have 2 Springs On My Door And Only 1 Breaks, Do I Replace Both?


Yes, It is highly recommended that you replace both springs. Both springs are the same age and typically if you only replace the one broken one, the other spring usually breaks within a couple weeks. It will save you money by replacing them together.

2. If I Buy The Springs Online, Will You Install Them?


Yes, but it doesn't make sense to buy them online. My prices are typically the same as what you would find online so you wouldn't be saving any money. Also There are many different sizes and strengths of springs and making sure you get the one that works for your door can be tricky. Plus you don't get a warranty if you don't buy the springs through me.

3. Can I Upgrade My Springs To Stronger Springs?


Yes but bigger isn't always better. If you get a spring that is too strong then it becomes dangerous and it may not let your door close properly. If you are interested in a stronger spring then we would love to show you the options that would work for your door.

4. What Type Of Warranty Do You Offer On Your Springs?


Our Garage Door Springs come with a 2 year warranty.

5. Are There Different Qualities Of Springs?


Yes, As with most products there is a difference in quality. We make sure the springs we get are made with a good quality metal and are built with precision. Lower quality springs won't last as long and will ultimately cost you more.

6. Can The Wrong Tension In The Springs Cause Them To Break Sooner?


Yes, An overly tightened spring will break sooner and will not let the garage door open or close properly. There is a specific tension that needs to be set on the springs. Also an overly tightened spring can be dangerous. These springs are under a lot of tension and if it breaks and pieces come loose, injury could result. It is best to let a professional remove and install garage door springs.