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We Are Experienced In Installing And Repairing Garage Doors

What Is Wrong With Your Garage Door?

  • My Garage Door Won't Open
  • The Springs Are Broken
  • My Door Will Only Open/Close Part Way
  • I Think It Needs To Be Lubed And Adjusted
  • The Door Itself Is Broken
  • I Just Want An Expert To Look At It

Delaying A Garage Door Repair

Could Cost You More Money And Become Dangerous

We Are Garage Door Repair Experts

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Same Day Service if you call soon enough.


We work hard to help you as soon as possible.


What Will You Get From Us?

An honest and fair evaluation from a Garage Door Expert.


Imagine you garage door working flawlessly...and knowing you were treated fairly.

What Makes Us The Experts?

We have years of experience working for one of the biggest Garage Door Companies in the south east.


We were not happy with the way they treated their customers so we built this company to be the best and most ethical Garage Door Company.


What To Expect FromDavis Garage Door:

1. We Answer Our Phones

2. We Are Very Competitive & Fair With Our Pricing

3. We Only Fix What Needs To Be Fixed

4. We Show Up On Time

5. You Can Speak Directly To An Expert Installer

6. We Are More Concerned With Your Satisfaction Than The Invoice

Check Out Some Of Our Recent Jobs

We Keep This Section Current With Some Of The Most Recent Jobs We Have Done

We know that hiring a professional to come to your house can be a big decision. We hope that as you preview some of our work, you will see how much we care about the quality of a job done right.

Here Are 3 Recent Jobs

Detached Garage Door Replacements Peachtree City, GA

Brief Explanation:

A local customer reached out to us regarding their long, over-delayed need to replace their detached double garage doors.

After we scheduled them down for an appointment time that worked best for their lifestyle, they were more than willing to give us a try.

Double Garage Door Installation Peachtree City, GA

Brief Explanation:

We’re Peachtree City’s local experts when it comes to double garage door installations, repairs and services.

And we’re even able to turn a furnished garage back into a regular garage as well, such as we recently did for this customer.

Garage Door Gear Assembly Repair Peachtree City, GA

Brief Explanation:

We helped a nearby Peachtree City customer with a much-needed gear assembly repair which was causing some severe issues to their garage door.

It’s amazing how as small a part as a bushing or a bearing can either help or hinder the overall operation of a garage door opening and closing again.

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Customer Testimonials

Nobody Says It Better Than Our Customers

Delayne Ryms

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jan 31, 2020
I received excellent service. The estimates were prompt, with itemized options, and the lowest of many other garage door services. The work was fast and efficient, and the invoice was emailed immediately after payment. Highly recommended.

Joe Smith

Fayetteville, GA

Date: Oct 17, 2019
Similar story to other reviews here. Justin was easy to get a hold of, and was able to quickly replace our garage opener at a fair price. Only serves Coweta & Fayette Counties, so he is always around. Highly recommend Davis Garage, will definitely use them again in the future.

Dennis Allison

Newnan, GA

Date: Sep 4, 2019
I called at 10:41 on a Saturday morning and Justin had replaced my broken garage door extension spring with a torsion spring by 1:15 that afternoon. I couldn't ask for more responsive, courteous, and professional service, and the door works better than ever. For high-quality work at a fair price, call Davis Garage Doors!

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For many years I worked for one of the largest garage door companies in the south east. They were very focused on making the most money possible.

I watched as my fellow employees were rewarded for overcharging our customers and charging for unnecessary repairs.

I never did this and knew that my customers deserved better so I started Davis Garage Door Peachtree City. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and business ethics.

Feel free to ask us about pricing. We will be completely up front with you.

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Waiting to fix your garage door could be dangerous and cost you more money.

A simple repair now could very easily turn into more broken parts or even a whole door replacement.

Not to mention if the door fell and damaged the contents in the garage.

A properly functioning garage door is safer and more effective.


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By the way, below are answers to common questions that our customers have.


1. What are all the services you do?


From a simple FOB or opener replacement to an entire door, motor or track replacement and everything in between. Sometimes a door just needs to be lubricated and adjusted to get it working properly.

2. What if I just buy an opener at the store?


Although you can do that, I have a better selection and, by the way, all openers are not the same. Let us work with you to select the perfect model for your garage; then we'll install it and make sure it is working perfectly for you.

3. Can you just rewind the springs?


For sure, if that is the only thing wrong.  If there needs to be other calibration or replacement, I can do that, too. Whether you need repair, or new springs altogether, Davis Garage Door is best for good spring service.

4. I have a broken safety cable, does it really matter?


Short answer? Yes, emphatically! Basically, those safety cables protect you from having problems with extension garage door springs.

The cables are supposed to be placed through the springs and are attached on  opposite sides. This is to ensure those springs are kept in place in case they break.

Remember, your springs are holding up a heavy door. If a spring were to break when the door is open, it will come crashing down. Fast.

I saw one one where it broke all the glass in the door and damaged the concrete below it, to say nothing of the bottom panel. Don't let broken safety cables go without replacing them.