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Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Jul 31, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Garage Door Gear Assembly And Opener Repair
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Brief Explanation

What Was Wrong With This Customer's Garage Door?

We recently got a call from a distraught customer who was experiencing some issues with their garage door which was refusing to open on them.

Turns out that they actually were experiencing a worn out gear assembly bushing which was causing the main garage door chain to come off of the door.

This is what caused their garage door to remain stationary despite them clearing hearing the opener motor turning and operating correctly as usual.

The longer a situation such as this one occurs, the worse the overall condition of your garage door will become.

That’s why it’s always imperative to address garage door issues as soon as they may arise.

Putting off having it addressed can only lead to more problems if not potentially hazardous accidents or situations as well!

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Peachtree City, GA
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I recently had my garage door repaired. After talking with numerous garage door repair companies I chose to use Mr.Garage Door Peachtree City. The service man who came out was Jayme. Mr. Garage told me what time to expect him and he was right on… ~ Jimmy Hill - Peachtree City, GA

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1. How Was One Bushing Compromising The Entire Door?


It truly in amazing in a sense how such a small, simple part can play such a large role in the everyday operations of a garage door.

The main purpose of a gear assembly, which is what partially makes up a garage door opener, is that it operates and rotates the chain which is the main facilitator of the upward and downward motion of the garage door.

In this specific customer's case, the bushing which was directly attached to the gearhead had become compromised and caused the entire piece to move around unsecured and operate in a rather floppy fashion.

But when compared to the new gear assembly piece which we replaced the old one with, it truly was a night and day difference.

This new piece was fresh from dirt and debris, the gear teeth were sturdy and firm, and the new bearing allowed for a solid rotary motion of the gears without any excessive wobbling or jittering whatsoever.

Needless to say, this customer won't have to worry about getting a new gear assembly for a very, very long time.

2. Aren't Bushings A Type Of Bearing?


In the essence of the word, yes, bushings are in fact a type of the many different bearings that are out there on the market.

Bearings, conversely though, are not by default bushings.

Bushings are thin tubes or sleeves that allow motion to occur and be transferred via sliding versus rolling.

Bearings, on the other hand, tend to refer to the overall family and function of a machine element or part which is intended to constrain motion which is acted upon it into a specific, guided direction.

Thus, nearly all bushings are bearings, but not all bearings are automatically bushings as well.

3. How Fast Are Our Repairs?


Honestly, every job's different, and so is everyone's garage door needs.

Regardless though, we always strive to complete a job ASAP, especially when it comes to a necessary garage door chain repair, such as in this customer's case.

And here at David Garage Doors, never sacrifice quality for quickness.

Rather, we believe that both can be provided in an effective, well-balanced manner.

4. What Makes Us A Great Choice For Your Repair?


We've been repairing, maintaining, and installing garage doors of all types and materials for well Over 12+ Years now.

We know all of the most common problems and complications that occur with garage doors.

And based on our ★★★★★ Rating from a number of our satisfied customers, we do a pretty amazing job at it too.

Furthermore, we're able to work on and upgrade all different types of garage door parts and materials as well.

- Garage Door Motors

- Garage Door Openers

- Garage Door Rollers

- Even torsion and extension springs as well.

And yes, we're able to work on doors made of wood, metal, aluminum, and just about every other material on the market.

Every one of these have their own variations here and there.

Our job is to know exactly what those are and conduct the maintenance accordingly.

But with as much experience as we have, it's practically second nature for us at this point.

5. But Do We Every Try To Upsell You?


We vow to only do the repairs on your garage door that are absolutely necessary and based upon your requests.

One of the key reasons that Justin Davis, the Owner & Operator of Davis Garage Doors, started his own garage door company in the first place is because the prior one which he worked at did it all wrong.

They would pressure their technicians to push higher sales and services onto their customer, even if they weren't even necessary!

We don't roll like that here at Davis Garage Doors. We believe in providing quality repairs and services that you'll want to use again and tell others about.

We're in the garage door business for the long haul. Not to make a quick, forceful buck from unsure or half-hearted customers.