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Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Nov 6, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Detached, Double Garage Door Replacements
call or text Call: (678) 820-6323
Brief Explanation

How Did We Help Out This Local Customer?

We helped a Peachtree City native by replacing their double detached garage doors.

They'd apparently been meaning to replace these doors for some time but just kept putting it off and putting it off until finally they were fed up with procrastinating.

Once they started looking into some local garage door replacement experts, they quickly came across us.

They were hesitant at first as to how soon we'd be able to help them, but once we scheduled them down for an appointment that worked best for their lifestyle, they were more than willing to give us a try.

Ultimately, regarding this customer's detached double garage door, they ended up choosing a more contemporary garage door style in the far simpler shade of white rather than their prior dark-green.

These two new garage doors also included some top, see-through window panel as well.

Whether it's your first garage door replacement or not, you can rest easy knowing that we're by far the best service around when it comes to addressing Detached Garage Door Replacements in Peachtree City, GA.

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Peachtree City, GA
Client Testimonial
I recently had my garage door repaired. After talking with numerous garage door repair companies I chose to use Mr.Garage Door Peachtree City. The service man who came out was Jayme. Mr. Garage told me what time to expect him and he was right on… ~ Jimmy Hill - Peachtree City, GA

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1. Are There Any Advantages To Detached Garages?


While not every house on the block is likely to have a detached garage area, these separate spaces do tend to have some upsides to them if you're looking into the possibility at some point in the future.

Some of these upsides include:

- Additional privacy and noise isolation.

- Tends to work better for older-style homes.

- Less intense gas odors and emissions.

- Better home security via fewer access points.

- Allows for your home to be the main center of attention.

Regardless of whether you have a detached or more likely an attached garage, we'll still be able to provide top-tier services that are sure to satisfy.

2. How Quick Can We Replace Your Garage Doors?


Every job's different, and so is everyone's garage door.

Regardless though, we always strive to complete every project need ASAP; especially when it comes to necessary garage door replacements, such as in this customer's case.

At David Garage Doors, we never sacrifice quality for quickness.

Rather, we believe that both can be provided in an effective well-balanced manner, again and again, no matter the project.

3. Is It Time To Replace My Garage Door(s)?


If you notice you keep asking yourself this question over and over again, then the answer is already likely a strong yes.

However, we'd be happy to help lay out all the options for you.

If that simply involves getting a new panel or two, great.

If you need us to help bump out a few dings, then right on.

Sometimes, it can even be as little as getting a different style door in a different color to help liven up the house a bit.

Regardless of where your garage door is in terms of getting a potential replacement, we're here to help you decide upon what will work best for you and your expectations.

4. Exactly What Types Of Doors Do We Work On?


We're able to help with all garage doors of all sizes and materials out there.

1 Car, 1 1/2 Car, 2 Car, 2 1/4 Car, 2 1/2 Car, and even 3 1/2 Car garage doors.

Whether a door's wood, metal, or aluminum, we're ready and able to help.

We're even able to work on Commercial garage doors as well!

So long as it's a garage door, we'll be able to get it back to its regular working order for you once again in almost no time at all.

5. What Other Main Services Do We Provide?


In addition to Garage Door Replacements, we also work on:

- Garage Door Installations

- Spring Tightening and Rewindings

- Opener Repairs and Installations

- Garage Door Maintenance

- Panel Repair and Refurbishing

- And Much, Much More.

We're Peachtree City's One-Stop Shop for all your local garage door needs and services, and we're here to stay.