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Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Aug 8, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Double Garage Door Installation And Renovation
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Brief Explanation

How Was This Installation Different From Others We've Seen?

It's not an unusual occurrence these days for people to transform their worn-out garage into a beautiful, furnished living space.

Through an interesting turn of events though, a homeowner contacted us in regards to doing the opposite with their space.

Thus, for this particular project, we helped to revert this furnished garage space back into a regular garage area.

One aspect of this entire job which made the process already much more streamlined was in how the outside frames for the double-door openings were still present.

As a result, these still intact points of reference made this project much more of a draw-and-cut job versus say a draw-cut-measure-square-align job, which we're still great at, but often takes much longer.

Obviously, the first order of business was to get to work with knocking out the walls where the new garage doors would soon be going.

Once this was complete, we then put in the proper for infrastructure to the garage doors, took out the carpet, and then made sure everything was clean and secure once all of these other steps were completed.

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Peachtree City, GA
Client Testimonial
I recently had my garage door repaired. After talking with numerous garage door repair companies I chose to use Mr.Garage Door Peachtree City. The service man who came out was Jayme. Mr. Garage told me what time to expect him and he was right on… ~ Jimmy Hill - Peachtree City, GA

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1. What Helps Us To Stand Out From The Rest?


We've been repairing, maintaining, and installing garage doors of all types and materials for well Over 12+ Years now.

We know all of the most common problems and complications that occur with garage doors, as well as how best to install new ones also.

And based on our ★★★★★ Rating from a number of our satisfied customers, we do a pretty amazing job at all of this too.

Furthermore, we're able to work on and upgrade all different types of garage door parts and materials as well such as:

- Garage Door Motors

- Garage Door Openers

- Garage Door Rollers

- Even Torsion and Extension Springs!

And yes, we're able to work on doors made of wood, metal, aluminum, and just about every other material on the market.

Every one of these has their own variations here and there.

Our job is to know exactly what those are and to conduct the proper servicing of it accordingly.

But with as much experience as we have, it's practically second nature for us at this point.

2. Were We Able To Get These Doors Fast?


Yes, we were indeed.

However, if for some apparent reason we weren't, we would have then placed an immediate order to a local manufacturer and have them over to our distributor in no time.

We get all of our garage doors from a nearby supplier which is far better equipped to store and manage numerous styles, types, and models in their warehouses versus our much more compact white pickup truck in comparison.

We take great pride in providing quality double garage door home installations.

Because of this commitment to our customers, we always check and re-check all of our doors to ensure that they are free and clear from any potential flaws, dents, or dings that can occasionally occur between transits.

Once our installation was completed, we then assured and demonstrated to them that everything was in perfect working order and that the alignment of the doors with the openings was flawless.

We also explained that if they experienced any issues with their new doors at all to please give us a call since all of our installations come with a limited lifetime Satisfaction Warranty Guarantee.

3. What Do Our Installations Cost?


Honestly, it depends on a variety of factors. For example...

1 - How many garage doors are you planning on getting installed? 1 single door or (as in this customer's case) a double door? Maybe even 3?

2 - How wide is your garage? 14 feet? 22 feet? 30 feet?

3 - Are you choosing a door material that's more budget-friendly or will be able to better withstand the grueling tests of time?

But factors aside, we can assure you that we'll provide you with the best and most cost-efficient double garage door installations around!